Neis Insurance Agency has experienced tremendous growth, both locally and nationally. Since 1990, the agency has gone from handling $4 million in business to $25 million. Despite our rapid growth, we still pride ourselves on keeping strong personal relationships with our clientele. Over the past ten years, Neis has retained 93% of our clients, all while expanding in the insurance policy sectors.

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Although we are focused on Chicagoland clients, Neis is an independent agency that also offers insurance services on a national and global level. Originally founded in 1962 with an emphasis on banks throughout Northern Illinois, we were reincorporated in 1980 to operate in property, casualty, life, and health insurance. Current principal, Tom Neis, took the helm during this transition period. Since then, Tom and his wife, Marilyn, have incorporated several other agencies under the Neis Insurance umbrella.

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Today, our focus is on competitive pricing and unwavering customer service, no matter what we are insuring or how much we are insuring it for. We aim to keep you as a satisfied client for years to come. Neis Insurance Agency will be there for you.

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