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Before the Telephone There was the Telegraph

Samuel Morse - 1838

In 1753, Charles Morrison, a scientist, theorized that messages could be transmitted through electricity by simply using a different wire for each letter. Almost a century later, in 1837, the first electrical telegraph was created by Samuel Morse. He sent the first electrical telegram using Morse code in 1838.

Today we take for granted how easily we communicate. Just 100 years ago you would have been in the minority to own a telephone. Only 35% of housing units in 1920 had a telephone. Now, nearly every person has a telephone in their pocket, not to mention you can now use them to text message, e-mail, video chat, blog, Snapchat, etc.

At Neis, we know how important it is to communicate. Let us insure the equipment you use to communicate every day. That way, if you do have a tragedy, you can contact the people most important to you in no time. Choose Neis.

The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell Invents the Telephone!

Alexander Graham Bell - 1876

The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, made his discovery through his efforts to improve telegraphs. Bell patented his design through the US in 1876, after he successfully transmitted the message, “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” The first telephone switchboard and telephone line were simultaneously implemented in 1877 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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